Soldiers Coming Home: What Do You Call A Soldier Out Of Uniform?


What do you call a soldier out of uniform?  An Entrepreneur.

In business and in life, soldiers coming home must learn how to apply the skills developed while serving our country. Like an entrepreneur, it takes visionary focus and relentless dedication. Most of the time this can seem easier said than done.

A Cochise County Military Startup Weekend experience provides soldiers, dependents, retirees, and community members a safe and controlled environment to immerse themselves in the latest Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs) in business and entrepreneurship.

A Startup Weekend event gives Soldiers, as well as community members, an experience that allows everyone to go from Idea to Business Prototype in 54 hours.

If you are in the military and have never heard of this we would ask that you think of this as a 54-hour practical exercise on Business and Entrepreneurship.

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