March Madness Teaching Change and Chance for Cochise SW


March Madness doesn’t require a passion for basketball or sport for us to feel absorbed into a world of rather incredible inspiration. When we experience disruption, we take note. This happens in March Madness, and it happens in business.

There is a constant cycle of opportunity in the world, and it’s because change exists. The largest entities do shrink; the most unassuming teams do flourish. Just as Dayton opened the gates to this year’s NCAA Tournament with a bang against heavy-favorite Ohio State, so do you have an opportunity to open the gate to your tomorrow with a bang against the normal.

We want the Cochise community to take note: your ideas matter. We have established Startup Weekend specifically to prove this – to get you into a prime space for innovation and exploration to transform into potentially world-changing products and services. To shake things up so we keep growing.

If you have the chance to watch any of the NCAA Tournament matchups, approach them with a mind pondering opportunity. Teams come in with a chance to advance. There’s the favorite and the overlooked. But really it’s all perception, and we have no idea what’s about to happen. “Favorite” and “underdog” are just names.

Jump in and see what happens.

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